Free surf

Free Surf

Free surf

Become a Free Surfer!

Are you a regular customer and already know the safety briefing by heart? Would you like to arrive at the last second and jump straight into the water? That’s perfect, become a Free Surfer and enjoy all those benefits!

What does it mean to be a Free Surfer?

No need to be present at the safety briefings
The possibility to arrive up to 15 minutes after the start of the sessions
Access to “Free Surf” sessions

How to become a Free Surfer?

5 Intermediate/Advanced sessions at Alaïa Bay or 2 Expert sessions at Alaïa Bay minimum
Computer validation of a Host
(All Alpine Surf Club members are automatically validated as Free Surfers)

How do “Free Surf” sessions work?

No safety briefing
No coach to supervise you
Morning and/or evening sessions every day
Guaranteed good flow/level in the sessions

How to book a “Free Surf” session?

Directly on our booking website
At the reception of Alaïa Bay

Some advice?

For a “Free Surf” session, we advise you to choose a wave level in which you are comfortable.
If you want to go up a level, we advise you to avoid doing it in a “Free Surf” session in order to get explanations about the waves and help with placement from the Host.
The Pro, Beast & Mega Turns Sessions are now only available to Free Surfers.

Please note that Free Surfer status is personal and non-transferable and that access to these sessions can be withdrawn at the request of the staff in case of non-observance of the rules and safety instructions.

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