Surfers Cup Update


The Surfers Cup, an event organized by Alaïa Bay in collaboration with the Freeride World Tour, was an outstanding event that attracted the attention of many other surfing and action sports enthusiasts. Although not an official Freeride World Tour activity, the event managed to leave a mark and offer a unique experience for spectators and participants. Two teams took on the waves of the wave pool on several levels of difficulty: Rookie, intermediate and advanced.


The Red team, led by Kauli Vaast, gave it their all in an attempt to win, but in the end it was the Blue team, led by Aritz, who triumphed with a final score of 80 points to Kauli’s team’s 40 points.


The atmosphere was electric throughout the competition, with spectacular performances and friendly exchanges between the two teams. The surfers showed their talent and impressive technique to navigate the waves of Alaïa Bay.


Beyond the results, the event was a real moment of sharing and conviviality for the participants and the public. The Surfers Cup has once again shown that surfing is an exciting and remarkable sport, which can be practiced with a maximum of pleasure and sensations.

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