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Alaïa Bay 2024 Wave Guide



Welcome to our 2024 wave guide!

It’s coming up to that time of year again when the swell starts to pulse in the heart of the mountains once more.

After taking in customer feedback for the last season, we’re adding more levels, new waves and names for 2024. Ahead of the waves returning to the pool, we want to help you get the most out of your session by giving you the low down on our new setting structure for 2024. Take a look to get a good idea of which session you will get the most out of during your time with us.



Are you looking to learn how to surf, and want to get to grips with the board? The Rookie is the setting for you.

Our Rookie wave is a friendly setting that lets you practice and have fun in the water. Here in your dedicated area of the Bay, you can learn how to catch ocean-like waves in a safe environment with the help of our expert instructors.

Start your shredding journey.

Start your shredding journey with a Rookie lesson.


Have you surfed in the ocean before, but want to master your skills? Our new Trainee session will help you progress your surfing in one session. Start the hour with some knee heigh waves. They are the perfect waves for you to get used to taking off. It will also introduce you to the sensation of controlling your board along the face of a wave.

Practice trimming along the face of a wave after a few Bay waves.

Practice trimming along the face of a wave after a few Bay waves.

No. 3 – Cruiser (Lesson)

Our Cruiser setting is relaxed, the smallest of the waves we have here at Alaïa Bay. This can mean getting your pop-up faster and practicing controlling the direction of your board to trim along the face. However, if you’re at the point where you want to try turns, this wave is probably slightly too weak for you.

Man Surfing in a Malibu Session

Our Cruiser session.

No. 4 – Intermediate Cruiser (Lesson or Session)

Our Intermediate Cruiser wave is more powerful than its predecessor and gets to around waist to chest height. If you’re able to confidently maneuver your board into the pocket, this wave is for you, you may even want to try a few turns. Take a look here. Alternatively, if you’re looking to try longboarding for the first time Intermediate Cruiser is a good one to start with enough power for attempts at cross-stepping or just cruising down the line.

Malibu Session

Try longboarding at our Intermediate Cruiser sessions.

No. 5 – Advanced Cruiser (Session)

The Advanced Cruiser is our most versatile wave at Alaïa Bay. More powerful than the Intermediate setting, it’s perfect for pro loggers who want to nose ride down the line, but also for progressing shortboarders. It’s head high, with a nice combination of fast sections for racing across the face and friendly open-face sections for learning the responsiveness of your board and trying to work on your turns and cutbacks. As it is not a turns setting, it is quite a forgiving wave helping to teach you how to read waves.

Perfect for longboarders and shortboarders alike.

Perfect for longboarders and shortboarders alike.

No. 6 – Advanced Turns *

Our Turns waves are steeper waves that resemble the type of wave you find at oceanic reef breaks, like Trestles. They require a faster take-off, letting you go quicker to try new moves. Advanced turns are our most accessible turns wave, making it versatile for both advanced longboarders and shortboarders. Advanced Turns sessions pump out waves typically between chest and head height.

No. 7 – Expert Turns *

Expert Turns is a level up from our Advanced Turns setting. Faster, steeper, and more powerful, this wave is head high at take-off. Featuring an end section that packs a punch, which allows you to get in one last solid turn, a sneaky little tube ride, or even an aerial.

No. 8 – Mega turns *

This is our biggest Turns wave, boasting the highest wave at take-off possible with Wavegarden tech, letting experienced surfers link top and bottom combinations seamlessly with speed. To ride, you must be comfortable with drop take-offs, yet this wave still features a surfable open shoulder for you to ride. This wave has sections that accelerate and unfurl quickly, and like Expert Turns, finishes with a powerful end section.

*This is a Freesurf Session* 

If you’re a regular at Alaïa, skip the briefing and get straight to surfing. You will need at least 5 sessions of ____ at Alaïa Bay under your belt before you can surf our _____ wave.

Book your Turns session here.

Alaïa Bay sunrise

Level up with our turns sessions.

No. 9 – Expert barrels *

Our Expert Barrel session chucks out a combination of waves. Initially, you’ll get some Expert Turns waves through, before evolving into our barrel setting. Expert barrels are our smallest barreling wave, yet don’t be fooled – it packs a punch. Similar to a small slab, the take-off is pretty mellow but accelerates as it builds.

No. 10 – Mega barrels *

Here it is, the big one. Drop into a head height smooth turns section, before funneling into a long, heavy slab and tube ride. Popular with experienced surfers and bodyboarders alike, this wave offers an intense ride.


Alaia Bay Man Surfing a Barrel

Find some shade with our barrel sessions.

*This is a Free Surf Session*

How do I get the Free Surf status? 

You will need at least 2 Expert Turn or 2 Expert Barrels at Alaïa Bay to unlock your Free Surf status. Ask your Surf Guide for validation who will justify your level and behavior in the water.

Only then can you then book the highest levels of the bay, and also join the morning/evening sessions.

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