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Para Surfing / Adaptive Surfing


Para surfing (or also called adaptive surfing) is an adapted form of surfing that allows people with disabilities to ride waves with a surfboard.

The word “Para” comes from Paralympic.

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Alaïa’s aim is to enable all people to surf, regardless of their condition. Our goal is to pass on our passion for surfing to anyone who is motivated to try an action sport like surfing and to have fun while doing it.

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Some members of the Alaïa’s surf coaches team have been specially trained to enable them to supervise the practice of Para Surf. When a Para Surf session is organised, a preparatory meeting (phone call or meeting in person) is organised before the surf session (generally between 1 month and 3 weeks in advance) to identify the challenges and understand the particular needs that this session represents. Indeed, the objective is to be able to anticipate and provide an unforgettable experience to the Para Surfer, as well as a tailormade coaching according to the situation of each practitioner.

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The inclusive approach is also very important to us. Depending on the type of disability, we evaluate with the surf coaches the feasibility of including including the Para Surfers with valid people as much as possible while respecting the safety rules.

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Practice Para Surfing in a wave pool is a real advantage for Para Surfers. The wave pool allows to ride waves in a secure, delimited, safe and controlled environment. Indeed, we have the possibility to control several parameters (wave size, frequency and number of waves per session). For beginners, it allows an easy learning in the best conditions with small and consistent waves. It also allows more experienced surfers to progress more quickly and to train more independently than in the ocean.

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Depending on the type of disability, we strive to provide the most suitable Para Surfing equipment so that Para Surfers can enjoy the surfing experience with the greatest possible comfort and safety. Our goal is to make surfing easy for them.


We are equipped with a beach wheelchair (also known as a « tiralo ») to make it easier for certain types of disabilities to get into the water. The Alaïa Bay building is easily accessible to people with reduced mobility (access ramp). A lift provides easy access to the restaurant and the terrace. The sanitary facilities (toilets and showers) are adapted for people with impaired mobility.

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Up to now, several Para Surfing sessions have been organised at Alaïa Bay. This desire to welcome people with disabilities has been initiated since the opening of Alaïa Bay in May 2021 by personal initiatives of our surf instructors. We wish to continue and perpetuate this approach which is close to our hearts and which echoes the mission that Alaïa has set itself.


Our instructor Simon Plachtzik also regularly organises sign language sessions in Swiss-German (DSGS).


If you would like more information about Para Surfing/Adaptive Surfing, please send an email to:


Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed at Alaïa Bay. However, for people accompanied by a guide dog, access to the building (reception, store, restaurant, terrace) is authorized.

It will not be possible to access the pool area or changing rooms with the dog.There is a dedicated area where our four-legged friends can rest while surfing !

It’s important to bring someone with you to help you get dressed and move around. Our trained instructors will then take over and take care of the pedagogical and aquatic aspects. Please let our team know if you are coming with a dog. This will enable them to prepare to welcome you in the best possible conditions.


We are very proud to participate this year in the Prix Sommet initiated by UBS. Since 1986, the Prix Sommet has been celebrating the dynamism, innovation, creativity and sustainability of Valais companies. As a challenger, we set ourselves the challenge of refining and sustaining the concept of inclusion by making action sports easier for people with disabilities. This challenge echoes our vision – to make action sports accessible to all (regardless of age and condition) and to share our passion with as many people as possible.

Vote for us during the live broadcast on Canal9 on 10 November at 8pm!





Located on the second floor of the facility, the Twin Fin has a surface of 300m2 and a terrace of 400m2 and gives the possibility to watch surfers in full action. Open 7/7 all year with free access, the food makes you travel from one continent to another while giving pride of place to Swiss products.


A world-class surf shop in the heart of the Alps. Alaïa Bay features a Boardriders Store with products from Quiksilver, ROXY and more along with a deep range of boards and hardware from the best surf manufacturers on the planet.


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