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Surf Shop

The Surf Shop

A world-class surf shop in the heart of the Alps. Alaïa Bay features a Boardriders Store with products from Quiksilver, ROXY and more along with a deep range of boards and hardware from the best surf manufacturers on the planet.

The Goods

We’ve got you covered — in and out of the water. From stylish boardshorts to state of the art wetsuits, we’re fully stocked with everything you need to enjoy your time here and beyond. The store also features extensive collections of clothing from the icons of the boardriding lifestyle.

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Alaïa Bay Materiel

A Dream Board For Everyone

Timeless designs from legendary shapers. The latest and greatest high-performance models. Shapes that are easy to learn on, and even easier to fall in love with. We’ve got everyone’s dream board here. We’ve even got a demo rack so that you can try boards before making a purchase.


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